Scope Creep: A previous Personal Project

A Bright New Day

I have always liked to express myself through writing, fine arts, and Music. This propensity is next followed by my passion for public speaking. In the early 2000’s I was writing on anything that could take a scribble. From Restaurant napkins to grocery store receipts, I wrote on the inspiration of every moment.

One day, in the middle of my muse experience, I decided to pool my scribbling together and begin the step toward publishing a book. I did not start the scribbling project with a plan to publish, but it led to a published book after 2 years. (Ogunsakin, 2007).

The shift from casual scribble to conscientious editing (self-edited) happened without a formal plan, and can be described as ‘scope creep’. Scope creep is a term used in project management, where the initial boundaries of the original project change or are adjusted in the light of ensuing circumstances.

According to Techopedia, an online resource providing Insight and inspiration for IT professionals:

Scope creep refers to a project that has seen its original goals expand while it’s in progress. As the term suggests, scope creep is a subtle process that starts with small adjustments and ends up resulting in projects that take far longer to complete or even fail before they are finished. Even if the project is completed, scope creep can result in final deliverables that look nothing like what was originally envisioned.

How did I deal with this issue?

  1. By keeping track of changes through backed-up computer files
  2. By cultivating a higher degree of patience
  3. By seeking help from others who had done some work in this area.

With the benefit of hindsight, now I would approach matters a bit differently, by planning my scope and timelines clearly, prior to project commencement.



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Communication is Storytelling

I am a relative newcomer to the blogging scene. My first Blog was published in 2012 and it has been off & on since then. More of ‘off’ than ‘on’. I have a passion for writing because I am a storyteller at heart. I believe that people need to hear the stories of others because they can learn a thing or two. Reflection is an aid to learning because it allows for comparative analysis and critical thinking.

My first and only published book was published in 2012, and I have about three at various stages of drafting. This backlog continues to gnaw at me, and I want to break the mold of procrastination. An analogous question comes to mind, therefore:

A jockey is riding a horse in a Derby. At the end of the race, they say the horse won. Who and who was in the race?

I believe that the words of inspiration which form the theme of most of my writing, are meant not only for my readers alone but for both reader and writer because we are both in the race of life, and we should cross the finish line together. Thanks for reading my blog, and please give some comments.

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